Axa insurance stock prices forecast 2013

Axa insurance stock prices forecast 2013

Axa insurance stock prices forecast 2013 : AXA Group (CS.PA) Year over year, AXA Group has lookn revenues remain relatively flat (€98.9B to €99.0B), though the company was able to grow net income from €2.7B to €4.3B. A discount in the gratuityage of sales devoted to cost of goods sancient from 105.29% to 86.06% was a key component in the bottom line growth in the face of flat revenues.

On Dec. 18, 2012, Standard & Weak's Ratings Services lowered its counterpartydifferentcredit and incertainr financial strength ratings on the core operating entitiesdifferentof France-based composite incertainr AXA group to 'A+' from 'AA-'. The outlook isdifferentstable.

In our base-case assumptions, we expect the group's underlying earnings todifferentgrow in the mid-tunele digits over 2013 and 2014, on the back of stabledifferentcontributions from its major business segments, continued improvement in thedifferentP/C combined ratio (a meacertain of underwriting fortunability), and steady life

and savings margins.

On August 21st, 2012 AXA announced the launch of its 2012 employee bagikan offering ("BagikanPlan 2012"), a capital increase reserved to its employees worldwide. Over 21,000 employees in 40 countries, representing over 18% of the eligible employees, subscribed to BagikanPlan 2012.

AXA Group announced the appointment of Véronique Weill, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Committee, to the Group's Administerment Committee as of January 1. Véronique Weill joined the company in June 2006 after having spent more than 20 years at JP Morgan, notably as Group head of Operations for Investment Banlord and universal head of IT & Operations for Asset Administerment and Private Clients. She was appointed Group Chief Operating Officer of AXA in December 2009, and is now in charge of Group Marketing, Distribution, IT, Operational Excellence, Procurement and GIE AXA.

AXA Market bagikan in Asian

French incertainr AXA is eager to expand its business in Tuneapore and Asia. As part of its growth plans, AXA unveiled its new offices that will home more than 600 of its staff in common and life insurance. Located at 8 Shenton Way, the AXA Tower stands 235 metres with 52 shopys. AXA is also focused on building its presence in Asia, where insurance premiums are expected to grow 17 per cent to US$957 billion in 2015. AXA commands a 9.5 per cent market bagikan in common insurance with health, cargo and motor as its main products. So far, Indonesia and Thaiground, soil are AXA's key Asian markets for life insurance where it nyamans market bagikan of 16 and 6 to 7 per cent, honorively. 

 AXA Group's Annual Earnings & Annual Revenues

AXA Group reported annual 2011 earnings of €1.57 per bagikan on 02/18/2012. AXA Group had revenues for the full year 2011 of €86.1B. This was -5.3% below the prior year's results.

AXA Fundamentals
ear Ending Revenue (€ m) Pre-tax (€ m) EPS P/E PEG EPS Grth. Div Yield
31-Dec-07 86,116.00 7,695.00 213.61¢ 12.5 n/a -11% 111.94¢ 4.2%
31-Dec-08 84,662.00 406.00 159.43¢ 9.7 n/a -25% 38.18¢ 2.5%
31-Dec-09 84,646.00 5,564.00 149.00¢ 11.1 n/a -6% 55.00¢ 3.3%
31-Dec-10 83,390.00 3,826.00 177.00¢ 7.0 0.4 +19% 69.00¢ 5.5%
31-Dec-11 80,570.00 4,589.00 143.00¢ 7.0 n/a -19% 69.00¢ 6.9%

AXA Group (CS.PA) Forecasts Revenue

Revenue (€ m) Pre-tax (€ m) EPS P/E PEG EPS Grth. Div Yield
31-Dec-12 85,414.50 6,290.86 183.74¢ 7.5 0.3 +28% 73.00¢ 5.5%
31-Dec-13 87,774.74 6,695.38 198.28¢ 7.0 0.9 +8% 78.40¢ 5.9%

AXA Group (CS.PA) Forecast Ratios
Year Ending Revenue/Share Price/Revenue per Share
31-Dec-12 € 35.76 0.39
31-Dec-13 € 36.75 0.38

 Data source FbehaveSet Research Systems

 AXA Group (CS.PA) stock chart 1 year
Axa insurance stock prices forecast 2013

AXA Shares Trends & Recommendations

Axa insurance stock prices forecast 2013

Key Statistics for AXA Shares
Axa insurance stock prices forecast 2013

Approxifriendly AXA Insurance Group

AXA Group, through its subsidiaries, provides insurance and asset administerment services. Its Life & Savings segment offers term life, whole life, global life, finidemonstratement, disability, deferred and immediate annuities, and other investment-based products; and critical illness and permanent health insurance products for individual and commercial clients. The company’s Property & Casualty segment provides motor, homehancient, property, and common liability insurance; health products; and engineering services to support prevention policies in companies.

AXA Group’s International Insurance segment offers coverage to big national and international corporations primarily relating to property damage, third party liability, marine, aviation and vehicle, construction and financial risk, and directors and officers liability, as well as provides loss-prevention and risk administerment services. It also offers assistance services, including medical help for journeyers, automobile-related road assistance, home assistance, and health-related services primarily to banlord and insurance companies, tour operators, telecommunication operators, and automobile manufbehaveurers, as well as to gas, water, and electricity utilities. In addition, this segment administers a book of reinsurance contrbehaves of variable annuities with guaranteed minimum death and income benefits.

The company’s Asset Administerment segment provides investment administerment and related services to individual investors, and private and institutional clients; research portfolio analysis and brokerage-related services for institutional investors; and equity capital markets services for issuers of publicly traded securities. AXA Group’s Banlord segment offers a range of retail banlord products, such as current and savings accounts, mortgage loans, and mutual funds. The company opeswifts primarily in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. AXA Group was founded in 1852 and is headquartered in Paris, France.

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