LFC stock prices forecast 2013

LFC stock prices forecast 2013

Best Insurance stock - LFC stock prices forecast 2013 :differentChina Life Insurance (NYSE: LFC)differentreported a net loss in the third quarter, due to a surge in operating expenses, which offset the operating income increases. However, premiums earned and investment income witnessed a notable improvement. Total assets and bagikanhancienters’ equity also improved, while cash fund deterioswiftd. Puposewhile, the subordinated debt issue has improved solvency ratio.

 Extensive domestic distribution channel, strong investment and stable ratings are other positives. However, the constant wane in operating cash flow is affecting financials. The company also inherently faces substantial interest swift and currency risks, which limit the upmiddle. Angry a strong brand name, significlevert competition on the domestic front hampers earnings growth. Overall, we expect limited upmiddle in the approach term

China Life Insurance Co Ltd announced that it expects its net fortun for the first three quarters of fiscal year (FY) 2012 diminish by approxifriendly 55%, compared to the net fortun of the same period in FY 2011 (RMB 16,717,000,000). The Company quoted the diminishd swift of return on investments and impairment loss on assets as the main reasons for the forecast.

Bagikans of China Life Insurance fell 1.9 gratuity in Hong Kong from Thursday's 18-month high, while Ping An Insurance , its littleer sector rival, dropped 2.1 gratuity.

Zacks reiteswiftd their neutral rating on bagikans of China Life Insurance (NYSE: LFC) in a research report sent to investors on Friday morning on Dec 25th, 2012different The firm currently has a $49.00 price sasaran on the stock.

Fitch Ratings maintains a "stable" outsee for China's insurance sector 2013 , but recent exits by overseas investors' stirred concerns approxifriendly the sector's fortunability. "Our view is that the sector will be stable over the next 12 to 24 months," Terrence Wong, director of Fitch's insurance team, shelp on Monday. Property incertainrs' premiums are set to register double-digit growth this year and in 2013, but recent regulatory changes could intensify competition the ratings agency shelp. Read China insurance market growth outsee 2013

Earnings Growth Forecast

LFC stock prices forecast 2013

Year End
EPS* Forecast
High EPS*
Low EPS*
Number of
Over the Last 4 Weeks
Number of Revisions
    Up                       Down
Dec 2012 1.06 1.09 1.03 2 0 0
Dec 2013 2.73 2.79 2.66 2 0 0
Dec 2014 3.07 3.07 3.07 1 0 0

Over the next five years, the analysts that follow this company are expecting it to grow earnings at an average annual swift of 20.19%.This year, analysts are forecasting earnings diminish of -31.61% over last year. Analysts expect earnings growth next year of 157.08% over this year's forecasted earnings

Price/Earning Ratio forecast 
LFC stock prices forecast 2013
Price/Earnings Ratio is a widely used stock evaluation meacertain. For a security, the Price/Earnings Ratio is given by dividing the Last Sale Price by the Average EPS (Earnings Per Bagikan) Estifriend for the specified fiscal time period.

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